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Business Objective

Business Objective

Health Secure wanted to reinstate the flawed record-keeping and monitoring techniques employed by prisons in the United States. In an increasingly advanced and tech-heavy world, the processes these correctional facilities followed were medieval. We partnered with Health Secure and understood their need but to build an automated cloud-based EMR (Electronic Health Record) system we had to break down the existing processes and re-establish new measures.

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Business Challenge

Manual Reliance

The record-keeping and data storing processes followed by the existing medical professionals at the prison relied heavily on a manual workflow which made the system prone to errors.

Unsecure Systems

Due to the lack of a robust backend, privacy and security measure taken to prevent data breaches were next to nothing which had to be reinstated with an automated solution.

Irregular Care

Manual work, unstable privacy measures, and lack of automation made it difficult for medical professionals to set timely schedules which lead to irregular care of inmates.


Business Solution

Employing the latest trends in technology and automation, we devised both a streamlined backend that could process and store data, categorize it and provide much-needed privacy. On the front end, we helped health care workers at these prisons with a versatile view of their inmate's health care status via a comprehensive dashboard. From generating new reports to scheduling patient appointments, everything was now just a few clicks away.

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