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Business Objective

Business Objective

Successive’s collaboration with the client was to empower JEE aspirants with accessible and engaging e-learning solutions and develop valuable skills and learning opportunities through intuitive video lectures and notes modules. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the e-learning industry, Successive’s team continuously innovates, adapts to emerging trends, and expands the client’s offerings to meet the changing demands of the global learning landscape.

Business Challenges

Disorganized Content

The absence of a module-based structure made it difficult for students to navigate through lectures, chapters, and topics. The client needed a clear hierarchy or logical flow, reducing the confusion and hindering effective learning.

Lack of Progress Tracking

The existing platform needed a systematic way for students to track their progress within each module or chapter. With the lack of proper module segregation, revisiting specific topics or reviewing lectures became time-consuming and cumbersome.

Code Fragility

The platform encountered a significant challenge in maintaining code quality due to the absence of unit test cases, making it difficult to ensure that all parts of the code were thoroughly tested. This lack of comprehensive testing impeded the stability and robustness of the application.


Business Solution

Successive’s team developed the fully-fledged notes module and a video lecture module for providing interactive learning experiences, including note creation, formatting options, annotation tools, file attachments, and organizational capabilities like tags or categories. Our team successfully integrated RealM to enable users to create and access notes without an internet connection. Our team developers also utilized advanced video encoding techniques and developed a custom video player capable of supporting interactive elements within video lectures. Features such as embedded quizzes, pause-for-discussion prompts, and synchronized lecture notes were integrated to enhance student engagement and interactivity. Our team successfully implemented unit test case development to improve code quality, identify bugs early, and facilitate efficient software maintenance and enhancements.

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