Business Objective

Business Objective

The fastest-growing self-storage company in the United States set out to find a better solution to manage and control its day-to-day functions. An industry that, for long, relied upon manual processes required an end-to-end innovation strategy with a comprehensive self-storage automation software solution. Overcoming decentralized functions, lack of coordination, and delivering a secure facility management software technology was a task met with sheer compassion and enthusiasm from Successive Technology.

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Business Challenge

Lack Of Automation

The company relied heavily on a manual workflow that was both sluggish and error rich making basic functions like monitoring difficult for both the customer and itself.

Convoluted Control

From location to customer management, there lacked a centralized work order in the business process which made data-driven decision making stiff.

Unoptimized Security Measures

Yes, there were security systems in place but they were too weak and hollow to prevent breaches and allow a smooth front and backend process.

Business Solution

Comprehensive automation and digital solutions were constructed, with the establishment of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems allowing better maintenance, easy customer registration, and streamlined backend workflow. From instant notifications to automated task management, we left no leaf unturned in allowing the company a technological makeover with a cloud-based automation software tool.

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