Psychology and UX

You probably come across various billboards, hoardings, posters, notices, messages, letters or even just images and text on paper every day. Some of these may be important and would require your attention, and others would be just be something you saw while traveling to work, scrolling through your feed or going through a magazine/ newspaper […]

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AI vs ML vs DL

AI vs ML vs DL, the very phrase brings out a raging sense of conflict to our minds, but this is far from reality. Actually, these are all deeply interconnected terms in their beings. With Deep learning (DI) forming a part of Machine Learning (ML) which in turn is component of Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, […]

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Azure Push Notifications

In this blog, push notifications is added to all the projects that were created from the Xamarin.Forms quick start. This means whenever a new record is inserted, a push notification is sent to all the cross-platform clients. A push notification is used to deliver information, such as a message, from a backend system to an […]

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Develop Your First Alexa Skill

Alexa skill, voice user-interface, the new big thing in the world.  A few years back, something like Alexa or echo must look like some futurist techs. But here we are ordering and asking, almost anything. If you’re thinking, ok, we know how amazing Alexa is and you don’t need to tell us that. Well, it’s your […]

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Restler API — Beginner’s Guide

As the Official site states “Just deal with your business logic in php, Restler will take care of the REST! This was the exact excerpt from the official documentation of Restler. And this can’t be made any simpler than that. But if you are still figuring out I have sorted that out for you. It states […]

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