A facelift to the business world – Digital Transformation

How is digital transformation reshaping businesses? There is a fixed pattern or way in which businesses operate. When that changes its course from its traditional fons et origo due to modernization and technology, it is referred to as digital transformation. “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” — Benjamin Disraeli Hence, digital transformation has made its […]

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Eight years after it launched Google+ with much fanfare, Google shut down its social network in April this year. Though the announcement to shut down Google+ comes after it was found that a bug that was present for more than two years led to the exposure of data of millions of users to external developers, […]

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Google Analytics, Amplitude or Mixpanel – Know the right tool for your Business

With the increasing emphasis on data-driven business optimization choosing an appropriate analytics tool has never been more important. There are a bunch of analytics tools available in the market. These tools can all look the same, and some of the similar terminologies might be confusing. Analysis of data is something every size of business requires these […]

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The world we live in is dynamic, in fact the only sure-fire constant that you may find in it is the fact that change here, is a rather constant set of affairs. When we narrow down our view of the world to software and technology this seems to take a whole other meaning, not only […]

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Progressive Web Applications- All you need to know about it

In the era where our mobile phone devices have come to satisfy so many of our needs and have become so minutely integrated in all our daily functioning it is only logical that the features of the older machines that we had all been such vehement users of, in the past be adapted and enhanced […]

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