We specialize in innovative tech-oriented business models that will drive massive ROI in the agriculture space.

Agri-Tech Domain

Timely farm inputs, better access to credit, and deeper market integration

The modern-day farmer is leveraging the mobile phone to innovative and profitable uses. He gets ample support from the team at Successive in this endeavor. We have proven competencies in delivering maximum value to their farm produce. Our customers use our Agri-tech solutions for farming to improve efficiency and profitability of agriculture. Right from accurate and timely farm advisory, to access to affordable credit, we can utilize multiple goals for the industry with our innovative solutions.

In a research it is found that 59% of farmers use a smartphone and 44% use tablets. An agricultural app would be a smart move to help make your farming business more efficient. 

Agri-Tech Domain

Stats of Agri-Tech Industry

Agri-Tech Domain

Smart Farming with Successive

Tech emerges as the farmer’s best friend for precision farming and revenue generation

Livestock Management Solutions

Helping farmers record and track livestock. Comprehensive data tracking includes feed costing, performance metrics and sale, among other KIPs.

Inventory Management

Increase overall accuracy and reliability of inventory data by eliminating time-lag in initial entry. This eliminates dangers of over-stocking or under-stocking.

Versatile On-Field Applications

Supervisors can record and view field activities such as site visits, field samples, map locations, service requests etc.

Mobile Farm Management

Apps designed to help farmers execute their grain marketing decisions and strategies, track lists, rainfall history ad plan budget on a seasonal basis.

GPS Vertical Accuracy

Increase your productivity with a solution that sets a new standard for uptime with continuous in-field operations.

Farming Account Management Solutions

Digital tools and services for farmers who are growth-oriented, business-minded, and interested in using technology to manage farm operations.


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