10 Federal – Workorder

This ERP app for 10 Federal Self Storage Solutions, organizes their ground force around day-to-day and long term activities such as tenant request, maintenance routines, checkout routines, etc.

Impediments Overcome

Challenges We Faced

For this project, our main challenge was that we had to work keeping in mind the complex processes involved in maintenance related tasks within self-storage facilities. Due to the nature of 10FED’s business, it needed to monitor and address the issues reported against a unit, by the tenants using the facilities owned by the company.

A handy solution was also required so that the personnel addressing the issues in the units can operate and access the application remotely. We developed a web as well as a mobile application for which can be used by the company as well as their clients.

Working out the details

Features of 10 Federal – Work Order

After our team successfully completed the project and provided solutions for Work Order, the system was equipped with the following features:

Custom Workflows

Eliminating duplication and automating best practice is quick and easy.

Real-Time KPIs

Align your entire company around the same goals, make better strategic decisions, and improve operations.

Incident Management

Real-time case management system that enhances coordination and minimizes downtime.

Location Based Intelligence

Derive meaningful insight from geo-data relationships to solve complex issues.

Role-Based Access Control

Everyone gets a single view with their most important data, functions and usage KPIs.

Triggers & Alerts

Automate procedures and notifications based on the criteria of your choice.

Technologies Used

Devops cloud services

Proposed Solution

Web Application: In the web application, the user will be able to access the Companies, Users, Facilities, Units, Work Orders and Vendors. There are different rights allocated to different user roles in the application.

Mobile Application: Through the mobile application, users can access the work orders generated and assigned to them, so that it comes handy to the personnel while working remotely at the site.

We got the opportunity to work on the Microservice Architecture for this application as there are different modules in this application and it is crucial for them to be up and running for a successful operation.

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We created the backend as well as a front end for this application having 6 different types of user roles and different rights and security levels associated with them.

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10 Federal - Workorder UI/UX Design

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